Stocktake / Item lookup

Using boxora, updating stock levels is quick and reliable. Your warehouse users don't need access into your cart or order processing software, and because it's so simple to update stock, stock checks will get done more often and on time.

Updating stock levels

  • From the main menu click "item lookup".
  • Scan a barcode, or search for a product by name. If a product matches the barcode, you'll get the product information on screen. If you're searching, you need to select the product you want.
  • For stock tracked items (some may not be; this is determined by your cart/order software), enter the current quantity in stock and submit. If the item is not stock tracked, you'll get a message on screen.

It really is as simple as that! Some connectors (such as Brightpearl) allow a selection of warehouse and location when you are making inventory adjustments.