Scanning shipments / goods out

Scanning goods out is done directly on the Brightpearl screen, using the Boxora browser extension. You will need to have Google Chrome browser installed, and the extension added to your browser along with a free add-on called Tampermonkey.

Once the extension is installed, you will see extra information on the goods out note screen when you open it up. You'll see that the "Pack" and "Ship" buttons are not available. They will appear once all items have been scanned in. You'll also see that there's an extra column at the end of each line which shows the count of items you have scanned.

Setting up

Boxora needs to have a unique identifier for each line in order to provide scanning capability. The barcode that you scan should be represented in the 3rd column on your packing note template. We recommend that you put the barcode value for a product into the EAN field (see searching for items). See how to set up custom columns on your packing notes here.