Release notes

Extension update 1.19 : June 2016

Upgraded extension to support Brightpearl 4.90+. Remains compatible with 4.88.

Extension update 1.18 : 15 Apr 2014

Fixed an issue where printed goods out notes where showing column misalignment; the 3rd column header was not printing, but the 3rd column table content WAS printing. Now the 3rd column table header also prints.

Extension update 1.17 : 18 Mar 2014

Fixed an issue where pop-up from the browser extension was popping when it shouldn't have been.

Extension update 1.16 : 6 Mar 2014

You can now print labels from invoiced Purchase Orders, and choose which lines you want labels for (select the rows using the checkbox).

2.0 (bugfix) : 6 Mar 2014

Resolved an issue where VAT was not showing on labels when the browser extension was being used.

2.0 : 3 Mar 2014

Boxora 2.0 released to all users.

2.0 : 15 Jan 2014

All new! You no longer need to sync products. For detailed information, see here

1.15.1 : 12 Nov 2013

Resolved an issue where the barcode label for products without a barcode was printing in a format that not all barcode scanners could fully understand. The barcode was printed (using the Brightpearl product ID), but the scan was returning blank data.

1.15.0 : 30 Oct 2013

Boxora will remember you the next time you return; you won't need to log in again unless you click "logoff".

We now download prices from Brightpearl using the full 4 decimal places available, so that tax-inclusive prices on your labels are correct if you add a tax rate to your settings.

Improved the speed of assembling and disassembling considerably.

1.14.1 : 16 Oct 2013

Export Purchase Orders as CSV files from the PO screen.

1.14.0 : 4 Oct 2013

Choice of which price to use as the cost price when adding inventory for an assembly "build". You can now choose either the Brightpearl cost price (which is what it was before), or the sum of component cost prices. If you want to include a labour value (which shouldn't appear elsewhere in your accounting), then add it to the Brightpearl cost price. Each assembly can be set to have a different setting, and your choice for each assembly is remembered and stored in the database for the next build.

We now add a more useful comment into the Brightpearl accounting history when we amend inventory levels; the qty, name and SKU of the item changed.

1.13.0 : 11 Sep 2013

Improving speed when printing multiple barcodes at once

The [barcodeText] widget was truncating the barcode by 1 character for EAN8 and EAN13 barcodes (but the barcode itself was not affected)

Only purchase orders for your configured Boxora warehouse are shown on the purchase order list. Previously, all purchase orders were shown. This does slow down the loading of the purchase order list, since we need to get the detail for each one from Brightpearl to check the warehouse, but it should be better overall to only show the relevant ones.

Goods-in notes now use the product price from the purchase order, rather than the cost price list. This should lead to more accurate accounting - you can check the price that's going to be used for the goods-in on the screen before you commit it into Brightpearl.

Added sorting to product list so that products appear in a sensible order

1.12.0 : 25 Feb 2013

Bugfix: Product options (e.g. Size and Color) are now in a separate field in our database, which allows you to have the options in a different place on the label from the name. Use productName and productOptions as the fields on your label - you will need to resync products to update the values from Brightpearl first!

Support for custom fields. Add up to 3 custom fields to your Brightpearl settings, and use [custom1], [custom2] and [custom3] widgets on your label template.

Support for multiple inventory locations (see documentation)

1.11.0 : 25 Jan 2013

Enhancements to shipment processing; introducing audio feedback when scanning.

1.10.0 : 29 Dec 2012

Performance logging.

Display API messages from Big Commerce.

Bugfix: product prices were not being downloaded from Shopify.

Bugfix: Saving a label template with pound sign (£) saves correctly.

Bugfix: Big Commerce users could not use "productOptions" on labels.

1.9.0 : 28 Dec 2012

Performance enhancements.

1.8.0 : Nov 12 2012

Assemblies (Bill of Materials) launched!

Add multiple users on the same account at Setup > Users

Set permissions for each of your users to enable/disable features

Print multiple labels at once from the goods in screen, for when you are adding labels to a new delivery.

Export inventory planner to CSV file

1.7.1 : Nov 7 2012

Add VAT to your product prices when pulled from Brightpearl. Edit your Brightpearl connector settings to add a VAT rate.

Prices pull automatically from your store / order system when producing a label. No need to re-sync products!


Big Commerce connector launched!

Create Goods-in from inventory planner for Shopify and Big Commerce connections (use Purchase Orders with Brightpearl)

Big Commerce and Shopify users can areate new suppliers manually to use for goods-in.


Inventory planner launched!

Batch pack shipments from the goods-out screen

Batch delete shipments from the goods-out screen

Option to skip barcode scan when packing a shipment

Brightpearl users must create a goods-in from a Purchase Order

Prevent creation of a goods-in with more items than the source Purchase Order

Download historical shipments for reporting


More streamlined signup process for Shopify


Fixed bug with batch update inventory levels on the Brightpearl connector when using multiple warehouses

Scan Brightpearl goods out note to load shipment

Wider input box on shipment screen


Show tabs for each shipping method on the goods-out (shipments) screen so that you can choose which ones to pack first.


Print barcode labels using product ID where none exists on the product

Highlight input boxes as yellow when focussed for easier reading on mobile devices

Tested working well on Unitech PA690 device


Batch update of product inventory from the product listing screen

"Sync recent" to download only items updated since the last sync

Sped up download of products from Brightpearl by 20x