Label printers

Product labels are produced one at a time as PDF files, which are supported by most label printers. Different printers support different sizes of label; you can configure boxora with your exact label size in the account setup screen. If you use a thermal label printer, then you don't need to worry about ink replacements, and the labels produced tend to be more robust.

Recommended printers

If you're after a budget printer, have a look at the Brother QL560 thermal label printer. It's a simple device that just plugs into your machine with the usual USB cable, then you're good to go! Perhaps one downside is the limited range of labels available; it uses the DK range which include:

  • 102mm x 51mm (DK-11240)
  • 54mm x 17mm (DK-11204)
  • 23mm x 23mm (DK-11221)
  • 62mm x 29mm (DK-11209)
Tip: Make sure you choose "optimise for print quality" rather than speed on the printer settings, otherwise your barcode scanner may have difficulty with the resulting labels.

The Zebra range of label printers will also be fine.

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