Inventory locations

Brightpearl supports inventory locations at 3 different levels: "off", "standard" and "multiple concurrent". Boxora supports "off" (where all items are in location and "standard" well. There is limited support for "standard" (where an item always lives in the same location), and limited support for "multi concurrent".

Standard location management

On the product listing screen (Setup > Products), you can batch update inventory levels. This will remove inventory from its current location, and will add inventory into the product default location, or the warehouse default location if the product doesn't have a default location. On th item lookup screen, the item's existing location will be shown if there are any in stock - this will be the product default location. If there are none in stock, then you will be given a choice of where the inventory should be added.

Multi-concurrent location management

This behaves in the same way as for Standard location management. There is no support for moving items between locations at the moment.


Inventory for assembly components must always be in the warehouse default location. When assembled inventory is added into the system, it will be added using the product's default location, or if not set, the warehouse default location of