Process shipments more accurately

Your cart/order software should be used to create shipments (sometimes called packing notes, or goods out notes). These shipments will appear in the "goods out" screen of boxora, to allow your warehouse team to pick, pack and ship quickly and reliably.

Only unprocessed shipments will appear in the list.

Processing a goods-out / shipment

  • From the goods-out list, select a shipment to load it.
  • As you put the items into the box, scan the barcode on the item or click the relevant item on the screen.
  • If the item is on this shipment, you'll be prompted for the quantity you are packing. Enter a number.
  • If the item is not on this shipment, you'll get a warning. boxora has just saved you sending the wrong item to the customer!
  • If this is the correct number as per the shipment, the item will be marked as packed. You are required to pack the number of items as per the shipment. If you can't, perhaps you don't have enough stock, then you need to go back to your cart/order software and amend the shipment.