Goods in / Purchase Orders

When goods arrive in your store or warehouse, you need to book them into your cart/order software as soon as possible so that you can sell! boxora makes this quick and simple so you can get selling sooner.

If your cart/order software supports Purchase Orders, then every goods-in will need to be against a Purchase Order. boxora handles this for you.

Creating a new goods-in (no Purchase Order exists)

  • From the main menu, select "goods in"
  • Click to create a new goods in. Choose a supplier, and add a reference.
  • Add items by scanning, or by search
  • Edit quantities if you need
  • Process the goods-in to add the items to your system!

Once a goods-in is processed, you can't delete it. You also can't delete any products that are associated with it.

Creating a goods-in for an existing Purchase Order

If your connector supports Purchase Orders (such as Brightpearl), then you'll see a menu item "Purchase Orders" at the top. This takes you to a list of all orders that still have inventory left to receive. At the moment, you need to receive one goods-in against each Purchase Order - so if you are partially receiving inventory, you'll need to split the Purchase Orders in your cart/order software in order to create subsequent goods-in.

  • Select to open a Purchase order
  • Click "create goods-in". This will take all the items and add it to a new goods-in for the relevant supplier.
  • Remove items or edit the quantity (reduce only; we can't add items to the PO retrospectively)
  • When you're ready, process the goods-in. The items will be received against the Purchase Order in your cart/order system.