Boxora browser extension / plugin

The latest version of the extension is 1.19.
See how to update yours

The Boxora browser plugin lets you do the following directly from your Brightpearl screens:

  • Scan a goods out note to open it up ready for scanning items.
  • Scan items onto goods out to make sure you're packing the right stuff.
  • Print barcode labels.

If you just want to print product labels for a few products at a time, you can just use Boxora without the browser plugin. If you want to print barcode labels for all items received on a Purchase Order, you'll need the plugin in order to do that from the Brightpearl Purchase Order screen.

Setting up the browser plugin

  1. Download and install Google Chrome browser.
  2. Install the Tampermonkey extension for Chrome.
  3. Download and install the Boxora plugin.
  4. Add some code into the very end of your packing note template. This needs to be done in HTML mode, not in visual mode. Replace "mybrightpearlaccountcode" with your actual account code!
<p><span class="account-id" style="display:none;"><span class="white screen-code">mybrightpearlaccountcode</span></span></p>

That's it! You'll see extra buttons in your Brightpearl account. Make sure you're logged into Boxora in a separate tab. Here's what you should see when the plugin is installed and working:

Barcode button on the PO screen.

Scanning to find a shipment.

Scanning items on a shipment. Note how the "pack" and "ship" buttons are hidden until all items are scanned. When all items are scanned, the "pack" window automatically opens. For more information on setting this up, see scanning shipments

Updating the browser extension

In most cases, the Boxora extension should automatically update. If you're having any trouble, make sure that your version is up to date. The current version is 1.19

To update your Boxora extension, click the Tampermonkey icon in Google Chrome, and from the dashboard (which you can see below), click the value in the "Last Updated" column. This will check Boxora for a more recent version of the extension.