Supported devices / hardware

Boxora is a web based app so can be access by any computer, tablet or other device that has a web browser and an internet connection. The best way to be 100% sure that Boxora will work for your hardware is to sign up for a free account and give it a go.

Computers / laptops

Any modern computer will be fine; we recommend Boxora both for your fixed warehouse computers and also for any laptops or rugged devices that you have roaming around the store or warehouse.


Boxora works with tablets, and we recommend Android devices. If you want to connect up a barcode scanner to your tablet, then we suggest a bluetooth scanner. Note for iPad users: when a Bluetooth keyboard is paired with the iPad, you can't use the on screen keyboard, which means that you can't search for products, enter inventory values etc. You have to keep pairing and de-pairing the Bluetooth scanner. Whilst you can get a USB adapter for the iPad port, it's not powerful enough to run a barcode scanner. An Android tablet with Bluetooth scanner works far better.

In order to make a tablet more robust in the warehouse environment, you can buy rugged cases for popular models. The Otterbox series of rugged cases are really good, and whilst not quite up to the level of a "real" rugged tablet, they do the job pretty well.

Motorola Xoom with Otterbox rugged case
A 10" tablet running Android. Has a USB port to support USB barcode scanners. Android tablets will also let you retain the onscreen keyboard as well as having an external keyboard (the scanner) plugged in, which makes it quick to switch between barcode and text entry.

Rugged PDAs / handheld computers

This breed of machines will have a tough casing designed for warehouse use and built-in barcode scanner. They are not suited to web based software however - if you feel you are needing this kind of device, then it may be that a more comprehensive Warehouse Management Solution is what you need. Boxora is not optimized for small screens such as those found on PDAs.


A smartphone with a web browser and internet connection will technically work with Boxora, but you can't use the camera as a barcode scanner since you need to be scanning the code into a form field in the web application. Also, smartphone cameras are not as fast or reliable as a dedicated laser or infrared barcode scanner. Boxora is not optimized for small screens.


Any modern browser will manage perfectly; these include Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE) 9 upwards, Safari and Opera.


Some processes in Boxora (eg shipping) rely on audio feedback so that you don't have to be looking at the screen all the time. Any audio connected to your warehouse computer will be fine.