Boxora version 2

We've been seeing increased usage over the last few months, with more SKUs on average too. The process of syncing your Boxora product list with Brightpearl is time consuming, and has an upper limit of SKUs beyond which it becomes unworkable. So, Boxora is soon about to undergo some changes.

No need to sync products with Brightpearl

This is the big time saver. Whilst some of the screens may take a fraction of a second longer to load than before (because we're going direct to Brightpearl API more regularly), not having to sync products is a good step forwards.

The process of printing barcode labels will be moved to a browser extension.

A small, easy to install script will add "print label" buttons into Brightpearl itself, so that you just need to find your way to the product in Brightpearl to print a label. No need to synchronize products with Boxora. If you want to print a number of labels at once, that's ok - the extension will add a button on the purchase order screen and on the product listing screen.

Scanning shipments (goods out notes) is going to be moved into a browser extension.

This extension will add the same scanning functionality you're used to in Boxora directly onto the Brightpearl goods out note screen, which means you have access to all the other good stuff in the Brightpearl interface, and you no longer need to synchronize shipments.

We will be removing the ability to receive goods in from a purchase order.

After talking to a number of users, the main reason for creating a goods-in on Boxora is to print barcode labels for the items that have just arrived in store. With the browser extension described above, you will get a button on the purchase order screen in Brightpearl that lets you do the same thing.

The product list will no longer be available

So this leaves you thinking "there's nothing left" - and in some ways you're right. Now, when you log into Boxora, you'll just be presented with the item lookup, the assemblies feature, and settings. The browser extension communicates with Boxora to get these settings - things like your barcode label template, and whether you want a shipment to be marked automatically as packed as soon as all items are scanned OK (a new feature available in the browser-extension Boxora).

Full support for Brightpearl accounts on "standard" location management

Previously, if you added inventory using Boxora you had to manually choose the location each time, but there was no way of knowing the product's default location. Now an item's default location is shown on the item lookup screen, and if you have multiple locations, the 'add inventory' select menu defaults to the right value.


The new version of Boxora is already available at so you can get started now. All our users will be automatically upgraded to the new Boxora at the end of February. The extension just works in Google Chrome, and whilst we'd like to add other supported browsers, Chrome is fast and free, and the ease with which we can work with it allows us to keep Boxora free.

What you need to do

If you have custom barcodes only stored in Boxora, then you'll need to get these into Brightpearl. Export your products from Boxora using the link at the top of the product list, and use the Brightpearl Excel import process to add these barcodes into the existing products. Install Google Chrome (if you don't already have it) and add the browser extension. Full instructions are here.

That's it!